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Look at those costumes, bad or not?

There is so many bad costumes , i do not know what exactly in these guys mind.
look at the costumes that follows, I think they are good.

my mask
Neighbour's boy
I download from the internet  milanoo 



Bad Baby Costumes

Sometimes I feel really bad for babies.

moreCollapse )

Feel free to add your own in the comments.

Crappy Costumes From Target

I want to know which Target merchandiser came up with this one... It's supposed to be a "holy crap." Not to be outdone by bull crap, which is below under the cut. Target, you astound me.

Click here for more great costumes from Target - img heavyCollapse )

"Tequila Popping Guy"

And more from our friends at Something Awful.

Also, kudos to whomever can guess what costume THIS is supposed to be (no cheating and looking at the web page!)

Sexy Vader

For some reason, a large percentage of my fellow females see Halloween as an excuse to dress in as little as possible. Armed with a supply of ever expanding and diversifying "sexy costumes," many of which depict things that are inherently not sexy (See: sexy bee, sexy aviator, sexy Uncle Sam) the trend seems to grow stronger every year. This year, I aim to single handedly put together a call to action. Ladies, please, I'm begging you. Stop this madness! For those who don't believe this thing has gone too far, I give you Sexy Vader and others:
All things covered but a wee bit unsafe for workCollapse )

Feel free to add your own sexy finds in the comments. Together we can put an end to all this sexy nonsense.

Well I guess I should start...

Here are some of the worst I've found so far.

A can of whoop ass....

Have a look at this for others: http://www.cracked.com/article_15629_30-most-unsettling-german-halloween-costumes.html

And lastly, a plea. Will everyone who was thinking about it please refrain from being any of the following political figures: Obama, McCain, Palin, and Biden.


Bad Halloween (and other) Costumes

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