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Bad Halloween (and other) Costumes
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Bad Halloween Costumes
Let's face it. Not all Halloween costumes are created equal. This is a community to share all those bad costumes. The costumes that make you afraid not because they are scary but because trying to imagine whatever logical steps taken to produce such a garment makes you shudder uncontrollably. Be it a vampire costume worn to a renaissance fair, an unidentifiable costume that fails to communicate what exactly the wearer is trying to be, or a costume that is just, well, horrible- here is finally a place to share it. You can also post costumes that are so bad, they end up being good. This happens quite often.

WORST HALLOWEEN COSTUME 2008 CONTEST: every Halloween this community will have a contest to see who can find the worst costume (in real life or on the web- the costume does not have to be your own). What do we mean by worst? Most cheaply made, in worst taste, most indistinguishable, and so on... Costumes should be nominated (seconded, and so on) by a response to the post. I.E. If you see a costume that could be a winner, feel free to comment that you'd like to nominate it for judging. Winner receives a hearty round of applause.

Some examples of bad costumes:

This one actually expresses what I think of when I think of babies.

And of course, toilet.

Get it? Chick? Magnet? ... oo

This one is pretty bad, but likable as I believe the person who made it did so just for kicks. You gotta be pretty creative to be bored and wondering what to do with yourself only to come to the conclusion that you should make an alligator costume.

Note: You are allowed (within reason) to post costumes which may be offensive, ridiculous, and other wise despicable. However, if you are going to post anything of the sort, please do so behind a cut tag. Costumes that are suggestive but not explicit may be posted without. When in doubt, use your judgment people.

Frequent Questions We Expect To Be Asked

1. Can I post Animal Costumes?
Yes. Our furry critter friends have to suffer some of the worst costumes imaginable. And they should be honored for doing so.

2. Can I post Costumes That Aren't Related To Halloween?

3. Can I post Ugly Clothes?
No. Clothing is different from costuming. See their respective Wikis if you don't understand the difference.

4. Can I post cosplay costumes or costumes from cons? Yes! There are quite a lot of bad costumes floating around in the comic / manga sphere. And they should be brought to light and respected in all their awfulness.

5. Can I post rascist / sexist / otherwise offensive costumes? Some of the worst costumes out there fall into these categories. They are despicable and whole-heartedly boo-able. So, after a lot of thought our answer would have to be yes but within reason. Costumes that are just sick, but lack anything interesting or thought provoking behind them should not be posted. However, if you want to rant about how many sexist, rascist or otherwise -ist costumes there are out there I don't see any harm in bringing this up for discussion. If you do so please use an LJ cut stating that the item behind it is offensive.

6. Who's we?